Dionne Danney

Dionne Danney


Meet Dionne Danney

An artist who grew up with a love of comic books and animated movies which she took this love to the next level and creates amazing comic book styled art pieces that are equal parts inspirational and fun. Learn about her inspirations and her take on Inktober!

What was your first inspiration to create art?

As a child I would draw for my grandmother. The drawings were all of big headed women that had extremely small stick figured bodies and were wearing way too much Crayola makeup.

My grandmother saved these drawings in a shoe box over the years. She showed these pictures to me one day when I was much older. Knowing that she kept the drawings made me feel special, especially being the middle kid of five. So in some sense, I guess you could say my grandmother was my first inspiration for art.

However, it was Disney Animated movies that first inspired me in a more empowering way in terms of expressing feelings through art.

How has a love of comics shaped your style?

Comic books with their vivid colors and bold black lines have definitely had an influence and impact on my art.

I like to experiment using watercolors, markers, oil paints, gouache, etc. While my mediums of choice vary, a lot. I always return to my inks. It's like Gollum and his precious or Thor and Mjolnir.

What’s your motivation for creating everyday this Inktober?

Inktober is the best time of the year. I was born in October. I love the Fall and the energy of this season. Thoughts and things of October; Halloween, candy, horror films, hot chocolate and the crispness of the air motivates me.

Inktober is also a time to level up on my inking.

Who are your artistic inspirations?

Artists like Fiona Staples, Karl Kopinski, Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Jim Mahfood, James Jean and Kim Jung Gi to name a few. Also, I've met so many art nerd friends on Instagram from around the globe that inspire me daily. It's more than the art they have created and continue to create, it’s their stories and dedication to improving that has impacted me as well.

Do you have advice for people trying Inktober for the first time?

  • Get messy

  • Experiment

  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • Work on strengths

  • Work on weaknesses

  • Grab some coffee

  • Follow a prompt or not

  • And the number one rule to follow for Inktober have some bloody fun

What’s your favorite Bee Paper product?

100% watercolor paper single sheets. Great for watercolors obviously, but they are also great for brush and inks and gouache too. Perfect size for small daily pieces like for Inktober.

Where do you see you and your art 5 years from now?

I have a few personal goals I'm currently pursuing. Included in these goals are having a graphic novel printed and completing an animation project.  Of course continuing building the brand A COMPANY of N3RDS.

Where can people find you and your work?

The absolute best place to find me is ACOMPANYOFN3RDS.COM , Twitter and Instagram: @acompanyofn3rds

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