Frequently Asked Questions

Which papers are acid free?

The vast majority of our artist papers are acid free, also known as Neutral pH. Acidity in the paper will eventually cause discoloration (often referred to as “yellowing”) or become brittle over time. Raw materials that are acid free or surfaces treated to be acid free will last longer, preserving your artwork for generations to come.

What does “Aquabee” mean?

You may have noticed that many of our papers are marked with the “Aquabee” logo. The Aquabee mark indicates that the corresponding paper can accept the use of light wet media or more. Not all Aquabee papers are full-fledged watercolor papers, and most are formulated primarily with dry media in mind, but there is a bit more flexibility to allow for mixed media. For full watercolor paintings and techniques, choose our Cold Press or 100% Cotton Watercolor paper.

I heard that Bee Paper sells “tattoo paper”?

Tattoo artists tell us they use Bee Paper Stipple Paper in their shops to simulate the texture of human skin, helping them and their customers visualize the finished tattoo. Stipple Paper is designed for use with a variety of dry media such as charcoal, pastel and graphite… but feel free to call it the “tattoo paper”!

What is the difference between “Drawing” and “Sketch” Paper?

Draw and Sketch are not technical terms, and they are used synonymously by many artists. A sketch is quickly or loosely produced artwork. A drawing is a final piece, often produced with more precision than a sketch. At Bee Paper we distinguish between drawing and sketch paper based on weight, as is the common practice in the art supply industry. Paper with a basis weight of less than 80 lbs. (118 g/m2) we call “Sketch” paper. Paper with a basis weight 80 lbs (118 g/m2) or more we call “Drawing” paper. All Bee Paper of any weight is fine artist quality.

Why is Super Deluxe Drawing nicknamed “The Only Sketchbook You Will Ever Need”?

If we came up with this nickname on our own, who would believe it? The phrase came directly from artists, and we gratefully accepted the compliment. After live demonstrations of the qualities of Super Deluxe, artists are astounded by its versatility. Super Deluxe’s hearty 93 lb. (150 g/m2), dual surface (one side rough, the other smooth) accepts an unusually wide variety of mediums equally well, making it the perfect mixed media paper.

In addition, the book’s rigid front and back covers allow it to stand up to a lot of wear and tear while drawing en plein air, no firm drawing board needed. World travelers who take their Super Deluxe journals on their journeys with them are pleased with its ability to hold together. We highly recommend trying it out for yourself, to find out if it’s the only sketchbook you’ll ever need!

Where can I purchase the 8 x 8 Bee Creative Watercolor Art Journal?

Amazon recently stopped selling the 8 x 8 size of the Bee Creative Watercolor Art Journal. We do know that there are third party sellers on Amazon who do sell it and we are working on fixing the Amazon listing to link directly to those sellers. In the meantime, you may find the journal available for purchase online and in-store from the retailers listed on our “Where to Buy” page.

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