Bee Thanks You Giveaway!

Bee Thanks You Giveaway!



We just announced another giveaway on our social media, but how are you supposed to know what the products are like? We’re here to tell you!

Watercolor Postcards

Perfect for sending to friends and family, the watercolor postcards are heavyweight postcards made from watercolor paper. Printed with postcard necessities on the back (stamp placement, address lines, and a place for writing) these cards are ready to go as soon as your painting is complete!

Super Deluxe

The Super Deluxe multi-media sketchbook is our best seller and there’s a good reason. The book, often called “The only sketchbook you’ll ever need” has sturdy 93lb paper with two different surfaces: tooth for dry media and a smoother surface for pen and ink, but also takes light washes with ease. This journal is brilliant for any artist in your life, including yourself! Take a look at @tenorioart’s beautiful work that he’s done in the super deluxe journal if you’re not sold yet!

Big White Bee and Big Yellow Bee

The Big Bee journals are beautifully designed art journals with a front and back cover made for personalization. Artist @cmccullough53 does an amazing job personalizing his journal with an impactful illustration of the Hulk.
The Big White Bee features our 64lb charcoal black paper (Named “white bee” for the big beautiful bee on the cover). The Big Yellow Bee is heavyweight recycled paper with an excellent tooth. These two journals are great for exploring different kinds of dry media for playing with highlights in a whole new way! From charcoal to ink, you can’t go wrong with these multipurpose journals!

100% Cotton Watercolor

Last but not least, we’re also giving away another one of our best sellers, the 100% cotton watercolor paper. This paper can withstand anything. Resistant to erasing, peeling, and heavy washes, this cold-pressed paper is one people return to over and over again. All watercolorists, new and old alike, should give this paper a try and see what all the hype is about! Take a look at what @carlacochua can do with it and imagine all the possibilities of your own art.

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